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Why we need road usage pricing

A fair system
With the gas tax, large or older vehicles can pay up to five time more than newer, more efficient models. This penalizes those least able to afford the latest technologies. Resetting the system to charge drivers for their actual usage and impacts on the road increases fairness and even allows discounts for specific populations.
Future-proof revenue
With the influx of electric vehicles, ride-hailing, and soon, autonomous vehicles, our current transportation funding systems are headed towards disaster. Road usage pricing is compatible with any version of the future of mobility.
Road Usage Pricing for Your Community
Road usage pricing gives governments a new type of revenue source more flexible than anything currently available, enforceable on any road, and adjustable to local conditions and concerns at a fraction of the cost of current technologies. This technology will be able to replace not only gas taxes, but also freight, parking, tolling, and new markets of congestion pricing, and autonomous vehicle management.

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Choose your mileage reporting method

Two methods are currently available:

  • Plug a device into your vehicle to track your mileage
  • Take a picture of your odometer on a monthly basis

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This demonstration of road usage pricing is provided by ClearRoad, Inc. ClearRoad is the single road usage pricing interface for governments to simply and efficiently connect to mobility data from any source. ClearRoad is implemented in several states, actively collecting road usage revenue and establishing the future of transportation funding.

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